Reasons To Eat Lemons

A lot of us are familiar with this fruit. But we do not really know its importance.

Lemons have the natural powers as a strong anti-bacteria, anti-viral and immune boosting powers; liver and colon cleansing which creates alkalinity in the body.

Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke

Citrus fruits like lemons are high in vitamin C, a primary antioxidant that helps protect cells from damaging free radicals. This help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, and lower blood pressure.

You’ve probably also heard that Vitamin C helps prevent or limit the duration of common cold in some people. That's why people with cold and catarrh use Vitamin C pills

It Aids Digestion

Some people drink lemon water as a daily morning laxative to help prevent constipation. Drinking warm or hot lemon water when you wake up may help get your digestive system moving.