Lagos Gives Update On 4,500 Impounded ‘Okadas’, Arrested Northerners

The official said that Lagos State being the monetary center point of the nation, had been pulling in individuals from the nation over.

The Lagos State Task Force on Sunday said it had seized 4,500 bikes (okada) from riders, who had defaulted the states transit regulation.

It included that the team was anticipating the mandates of Gov. Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State on whether to obliterate them or not.

The Head, Public Affairs Unit of the organization, Mr Taofik Adebayo, who revealed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, likewise affirmed that a few northerners who as of late moved to Lagos in a trailer have been liberated.

“We have no under 4,500 appropriated bicycles anticipating to be squashed however at present, we are anticipating the Lagos State Government’s orders with the ones we have now.

“We are not yielding and we will keep on appropriating bikes that default as we dropped by them,” he said.

The official said that Lagos State being the financial center point of the nation, had been drawing in individuals from the nation over.

Adebayo noticed this constrained them to move to Lagos and take to the bike transportation which they considered as perhaps the simplest business for them.

“Prior in the month, we blocked no less than 44 individuals with their bicycles in an explained vehicle originating from the northern piece of the nation into Lagos.

He included that the team needed to discharge them since they had appropriate recognizable proof.

“In any case, there are such a large number of unlawful motorcyclists that had slipped our investigation and examination into the metropolitan city through courses that are utilized to carry products.

“This discloses to you that bicycles still come into the state in their hundreds regardless of captures made by law authorization organizations.

“The deluge of these uprooted individuals is what is acquiring an expansion the ‘okada’ business in Lagos,” he said.

Adebayo said that the laws with respect to cruiser riding in the state were not reformatory in nature but rather remedial so as to diminish the high frequency of mishaps identified with bike riding.

“The legislature didn’t thoroughly boycott okada yet rather, limited their exercises to the inward avenues of the city with a set of accepted rules to pursue while working inside the predetermined boulevards.

“For example, a rider should ride without a cap, the rider must be over 18 years, the rider must not convey anyone under 12 years of age, the rider can’t convey a lady that has an infant tied to her back and can’t convey a pregnant lady.

“These are the laws that guide the activities of ‘okada’ riders in the state so as to diminish ‘okada’ related mishaps.

“We for the most part complete the attacks at the early hours of the day or late during the evening to find clueless criminals when they are at their most powerless state.

“During such period, there is no space to begin screening and isolating the honest from the blameworthy however a while later, the screening happens and those with legitimate types of recognizable proof are liberated,” he said.

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